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MicroSave Consulting (MSC) is a global consulting firm that enables social, financial, and economic inclusion for everyone.

MicroSave Consulting (MSC) is a global consulting firm that enables social, financial, and economic inclusion for everyone. We have been at the center of the digital finance revolution since its early days. Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of institutions to deliver market-led, scalable financial services to all people through guiding policy & facilitating partnerships to develop enabling eco-systems; comprehensive, customised strategic advice; and actionable, on-site operational assistance.

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MicroSave’s key impact has been to…

At MSC, our mission is to allow millions of people to get access to financial and social services. Our key impact has been in uncovering the importance of the unique needs of the poor and those who remain financially and socially excluded. As we advance the agenda of financial inclusion, we bring client-centricity to debate in the development finance. Our work results in high quality, affordable, market-led solutions to millions of people across developing markets. Watch what our experts have to say about MSC’s key impact.

MSC: Enabling social, financial, and economic inclusion in digital age

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The Mor committee has delivered its report – What will the report deliver? (Part-I)

Analysing the Mor Committee report, MicroSave believes it will lay the foundation for the future financial institution architecture to deal with inclusion of those that are outside the formal financial system.

MSC vision video: the next 5 years

MSC in numbers: our impact in 20 years

MSC in videos is a short summary of our achievements as we complete 20 years in business.

The Andhra crisis: The beginning of an end or the end of a beginning?

This presentation examines and discussed the caused of Andhra Pradesh crisis how the Indian MFIs and the government should respond post the crisis.

Survival of the fittest: The evolution of frauds in Uganda’s mobile money market (Part-II)

In the first blog of this series, the MicroSave experts outline the evolution and increasing sophistication of fraud in Uganda. The ingenuity of fraudsters is impressive. But what about the MNOs’ response.

The State of Bank-led Initiatives for E/M-Banking and its Potential

In 2012 Ignacio Mas worked with MSC to look at the state of digital financial services in India, the type of products that poor people want, and the role of microfinance institutions/SHGs in digital financial services systems. Ignacio also ran a training for all MSC staff, and we then asked him to record some of […]