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Expanding access to finance for small businesses in India: A critique of the Mor Committee’s approach part 2. Why are the banks not financing small businesses?

The second part of the blog looks at the role of the banks, development finance institutions and NBFCs to examine why they haven’t come forward to meet this gap.

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RuPay Sparklin – Do not delete

National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) launched Rupay – India’s own payment gateway network. ‘RuPay’ is a low-cost alternative to other payment gateways, such as MasterCard and VISA. Banks pay lower transaction processing fees as transactions are performed on the domestic payment network. This makes RuPay a viable digital payment solution for the rural, low, and middle-income segments in India.

Small Finance Banks – Risks and Challenges of Transformation of MFIs/NBFCs

In the series of publications on Small Finance Banks, this note explores the key challenges, and the potential deal breakers for MFIs and NBFCs intending to transform to SFBs.

Small Finance Banks – Is there an Opportunity for MFIs/NBFCs?

First in the series of publications on Small Finance Banks, this note explores the possibilities for MFIs and NBFCs as intending to graduate to SFBs.

Insurance Product for Contractual MSE Workers of India – Behavioural Insights

This note details the behavioural research process and, culminates into conceptualisation of a low fidelity product concept designed using user centred design approaches.

Insurance for Contractual Workers of Micro and Small Enterprises in India – A Conscience Call

In terms of access to formal risk protection measures, contractual workers employed at MSEs in India this note creates background for the next note of this series.

Behavioural Insights in Insurance

This note takes an alternative view from the conventional wisdom of expected utility and optimum deductible in insurance. It highlights explanations for insurance purchase and use decisions through behavioural economics.